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More than just Savings... Shopping Local Builds Community!

Take a moment to think about the purchasing services you use... How many are local businesses vs out-of-state businesses? Today's retail market has seen a shift toward consumer online purchases, combined with the continual rise of mega retailers (box stores, amazon, etc.). This purchasing shift has made Local Business even more essential to helping our community thrive.

Personal service is perhaps the most notable difference when shopping a local business. Employees and associates of a local business generally work, live and play locally, which means they can relate to their customers. Local business associates prioritize personal relationships, and work to maintain and nurture these relationships for now and for the future.

Local business are also more flexible and efficient in many operations. Have you ever had the experience of being told by the large retailer, that: "Our policy does not allow". A local business will often be flexible to find more ways to help, whenever there is a reasonable solutions. Local business are more helpful in solving problems, finding solutions, and streamlining services.

Giving-back to the local community is essential to a local businesses. Local businesses make a large impact by purchasing supplies locally, patronizing restaurants, and bringing customers to an area that customers may often times overlook. Some local businesses make an added effort to "community-giving" in the forms of local donations / sponsorships to further build community.

As I write this article, I am proud to have been involved in the Chattanooga business community for over 30 years. I can personally attest to seeing all of these outlined benefits of shopping local. Simply stated, "You can't put a price on personal relationships and building community!".

Jordan Parker, Owner

Direct Flooring

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