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Direct Flooring offers both residential and commercial carpeting from all of the top carpet manufacturers.  We are available for Same-Day Estimates, Next-Day Installation, and In-Home Samples on all of our products. 

Carpeting is a top choice for a comfortable and cost-savings option on your floors. Advancements in technology have played a leading role in creating the stain and wear-resistant fibers that are featured in today’s carpet product lines. 


Luxurious, soft yarn carpets are a welcomed trend in today’s retail market. A stretch-in carpet application also allows for a cushioned floor, as well as an increase in insulation qualities. Other advantages of a carpeted, cushioned floor, include: noise reduction, lessened leg fatigue and safety from falls. 

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Soft, Resilient, & Easy to Clean

Commercial applications of carpeting host a broad range of advantages for office and retail use, including: noise reduction, slip resistance, comfort and styling options. And like residential use, commercial carpet still remains one of the the most budget friendly options for flooring. 


Carpet squares have been a popular trend and can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Often times carpet squares are appealing for a DIY homeowner wanting to get the resiliency of commercial carpeting in a high traffic area.  Carpet squares host the ability of single-piece-replacement (as needed) and some carpet square options have a rubber backing to allow easier cleaning and less stain penetration. 

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