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Sheet vinyl is a front runner for the most affordable flooring option that is both waterproof and wear-resistant.  For decades sheet vinyl has been popular in residential use, especially in wet areas and high traffic areas. 

Sheet vinyl is available in different widths and can often times be laid in a single piece. The nature of a solid piece of flooring allows for lower maintenance, and since the top layer is waterproof, cleanup on vinyl is relatively easy. 


Sheet vinyl products are now popular in both the residential and commercial flooring markets. Many newer sheet vinyl options are tear-proof, giving todays consumers much more peace of mind. 


Vinyl products do require that the substrate (subfloor or concrete) be made smooth prior to installation.  The smoother the substrate, the better the vinyl will look and perform.

Direct Flooring offers both residential and commercial sheet vinyl from all of the top manufacturers.  We are available for Same-Day Estimates, Next-Day Installation, and In-Home Samples on all of our products.


Ready for your next flooring project? We are too! 

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