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Flooring Installation Services

Expert installation on all the flooring products we sell

Direct Flooring offers expert installation services on all of our products, including; Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, and Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Direct Flooring's installation crews are fully insured.

Direct Flooring understands the importance of quality installations. Simply stated, “No matter what flooring you select, if it’s not installed properly, you run the risk of voiding your product warranty as well as aesthetic / functional issues.”


Direct Flooring’s team of installation experts is well experienced and have been working with our company for years. We are proud to have such a long-term, dedicated team who prioritizes our jobs to ensure we can meet you installation schedules. 


We are so confident in our Installation teams that we guarantee their work.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you with both flooring products AND expert installations!


Jeff Elam

Installation Expert - 

20 yrs with Direct Flooring


William Cuevas

Installation Expert -

10 yrs with Direct Flooring


Camron Brian

Installation Expert - 

8 yrs with Direct Flooring

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