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Simply stated… Rugs are fun!  Area rugs are arguably one of the most essential design items for your flooring. Varying in sizes, styles, colors and textures, rugs help to ground the rooms core focus point while adding tremendous style and function.

Rugs are often times used to soften or warm up an area that might be seen as cold.  Rugs also do a tremendous job to help quiet a floor or reduce noise from transferring throughout a room.  The sensory effect of rugs is unique and rugs can create spaces that have people laying on rugs to feel the full sensory affect. 


Machine made rugs can be replicated in many different sizes and offer the most economical option for rugs. Today’s yarns are more cleanable and they perform better than rugs from recent years.  Novelty shag and soft textured rugs are topping the charts with today’s styling trends.

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Novelty Shag & Soft Texture Rugs In-stock

Woven rugs are usually made of natural fibers including Wool, Sisal, Jute, sea grass, silk, cotton and rubber. Often times a woven rug will use combination of these fibers to make a truly one of a kind rug. These fibers are often more wear resistant and these rugs may last for decades.


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