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Advantages of Carpet

In this blog, we will look at outlining some advantages that carpet has over other flooring options. Many of these advantages are unique and can help you qualify whether carpeting is the best use for your desired goals.

  1. Carpet is Comfortable! - Carpet, combined with a high density padding allows a homeowner to have a truly comfortable floor under your toes. Carpet is warm and soft on your floor and creates a truly sensory experience... to walk, play, or lay on!

  2. Carpet Insulates and keeps your home warmer - This insulation advantage is heads and toes above all other flooring options, and should be considered in areas of your home that tend to stay cooler.

  3. Carpet buffers noise - Noise reduction in bedrooms and other areas in home create a more serene home environment. Aside from bedrooms, play areas, theater rooms, and open areas can often benefit from this noise reduction.

  4. Slip resistance - This is a vital (but not often considered) advantage of carpeting. Carpet's surface is more abrasive than any type of solid flooring and allows for more grip under your feet. This quality is especially important when considering carpet on stairs.

  5. Easy on budget - Carpeting is one of your most price effective ways to cover your floors. Of course, this is a broad range of carpet and suppliers, but generally speaking... carpet will go the distance on meeting and budget.

Our Team and Direct Flooring will gladly assist you with all considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect carpet option for your home. We always appreciate the opportunity to work with our customers!

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