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Direct Flooring OUTLET - Counteracting National Trends!

When you hear the headlines in today's news, you will often hear: "inflation, supply chain issues and gas prices". But more importantly, these issues are being seen in felt in our local community. At Direct Flooring OUTLET, we have worked to develop a way to counteract these national trends and provide our customers real savings... saving our customers time and money!

Inflation is on the top of everyone's mind when budgeting for a home improvement project. The purpose of improving your home is to add value to your home, as well as adding lifestyle value for you to enjoy! At Direct Flooring OUTLET, we personally work to find our customers the best deal. A combination of volume purchasing and hand-selecting our material, allows us to pass the savings directly to our customers... helping our customers add value to their homes and lifestyle!

In the construction industry, supply chain issues have had an effect on purchasing material, causing long delays in home projects. Direct Flooring OUTLET is proud to stock the largest inventory of anyone in our area. With over 100 pallets of Luxury Vinyl (waterproof) & Hardwood Flooring, we have all you need to start your flooring job ASAP. We are also proud to offer Same-Day Estimates / Next-Day Installations... providing all our customers need from start to finish!

Today's gas and energy prices are a constant reminder that saving money is more important now, more than ever. Today we all have to be more strategic of where we drive to shop, eat, and play. By purchasing from a local, trusted business, you are keeping your miles down and also supporting your local business community. Direct Flooring OUTLET has been invested in our business community since our beginning in 2004, and we have 130+ 5-Star Google Reviews!

Direct Flooring OUTLET

(706) 841-1111

777 Chickamauga Ave

Rossville, GA 30741

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