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Whether you are needing flooring for a small area, or an entire home, your investment matters. Flooring is a truly unique segment of the building industry since it is a functional, structural and aesthetic fixture in your home. Many people in the building trade would agree that flooring is possibly the most important decision / investment that you will make in your home.

When considering flooring in your home, you will first consider your needs and function. Soft surface (carpet and rugs) best insulates your floors, feels great, and is universal in where it's use (bedrooms, playrooms, steps... entire home!). Hard surface (hardwood and luxury vinyl plank) is more resistant to water, wear, and easier to clean. Many homeowners choose a combination of these surfaces to ensure that their investment lasts for years and delivers comfort and style!

Once you've identified your flooring needs... styling, quality and your budget become the main driving factors during the selection process. At Direct Flooring, we hand-select our products to ensure that you are getting a highest-quality products for the best price. We believe that value is always in style! Simply said, "We sell products for half the price of most retailers... helping you add value to your home and delivering a product that will be enjoyed for many years to come!".

Regardless of the carpet and flooring that you select, you will need a professional installer that understands the products and can ensure that your product is correctly installed. Not only does this keep your product under warranty guidelines, but it protects your flooring investment by ensuring that your carpet and flooring performs correctly. Direct Flooring is proud to offer teams of installation professionals, and as always, we stand behind our installation!

Direct Flooring takes your carpet and flooring investment seriously. We are happy to help you find the best flooring options for your needs and provide you with high quality options at a deep discount. Installation is always guaranteed! We are just a phone call away: #423-541-8080.

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