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It's Rug Season!

As the cold winter and Holiday season approaches, rugs become a popular option for home design, style and function. Whether your a homeowner prepping for the Holidays, a realtor staging a home, or a tenant who wants to revamp their space, rugs are an affordable option to help you achieve your goals.

Rugs have vastly grown in popularity as so many people switching to hard-surface floors in the main areas of their home. Often times, people who switch to hard-surface will desire a rug for it's warmth, style, and noise buffering qualities. Rugs are also very tactile, which provides unique opportunity to sit, watch and play on this area, which would otherwise be a hard-surface. For example: Many homeowners with infants / toddlers love the idea of their little on a nice rug!

Rugs are the most cost-effective way to change the design of a room. Today's open floorplan concept doesn't always give a new homeowner the idea of exactly how to center furniture and different living spaces. Many realtors benefit by staging rugs in these areas to give a warmer and more inviting appeal to how the spaces can be used. Rugs under dining room / breakfast tables, foyers, living rooms, and even in large kitchens add a beautiful design element.

At Direct Flooring, we stock the largest selection of Rugs in the Chattanooga area. Our huge selection of styles and sizes ensure that you will find the perfect rug for your space. Come see our selection TODAY!

Direct Flooring. 4707 English Ave, Chattanooga Tn 37407.

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