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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - Flooring & Installation Benefits.

Today's flooring market has seen a huge uptick in Luxury Vinyl Plank sales. There are many advantages of this product both in flooring benefits, as well as installation applications. In this blog we will discuss why Luxury Vinyl Flooring should be considered on your next flooring project.

Flooring Benefits of LVP

Direct Flooring only sells high quality SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. SPC is a stone composite core and is 100% stable from warping over time. This product is also 100% waterproof.... giving our customers peace of mind when considering areas that are more prone to moisture. All of our Luxury Vinyl Plank also has a pad attached, which gives an insulation, comfort, and sound proofing benefit. Lastly, all of Direct Flooring's LVP selection is higher quality wear layers... protecting your floor from scratches and ensuring that your floor will look great for years!

Installation Benefits of LVP

Ease of Installation is a HUGE advantages of LVP flooring. Whether you plan to tackle the project yourself or hire a professional installation crew... the installation process is relatively quick, simple and less expensive when compared to other floors. LVP can be installed over many types of existing flooring to limit construction impact and reduce issues that may arise from an in-depth removal and floor prep. This product is incredibly versatile in it's application and is suitable to install throughout your entire home... and will be low maintenance for the life of the floor!

Direct Flooring is proud to offer a huge variety of these high quality LVP flooring options. Whether you are looking to change one room, or your entire home, we are just a phone call or visit away! Direct Flooring (423) 541-8080.

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