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Spring Cleaning Flooring Ideas!

We are all excited to see the warmer weather approaching! Now that we are transitioning our homes for the new season, Direct Flooring would like to offer some ideas to help you enjoy your home all spring and summer long!

  1. Outdoor Rugs - Right now is the time to start looking for great deals in outdoor rugs. Rugs do well over both concrete patios and wood decking. Just remember to make sure you have a rug that will withstand either full exposure vs partial exposure (screen porch or overhang roof).

  2. Turf Flooring - This flooring is amazingly durable and can be used over hard-to-grow grass areas in your yard, play areas or even made into rugs! Turf feels great and adds both beauty and function to the areas where it's used.

  3. New Indoor Rugs - The trend for spring / summer is often times a tighter woven and more colorful rug. A tighter woven rug will feel cooler to your feet and will add some wearability to your rug performance. The brighter colors get you into the summer mood!

Whether you decide to add some of these easy flooring updates for your inside / outside or both, Direct Flooring offers a huge assortment Outdoor Rugs, Turf, and Indoor Rugs to achieve all of your styling and functional goals. Make your home ready for the new season.... at Direct Flooring!

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