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Warmer Floor = Warmer Home

Today's Carpet and Flooring products offer homeowners an array of options to keep their floors and home warmer during the winter. Both soft-surface (carpeting and rugs) as well as hard-surface (hardwood and luxury vinyl) offer these warmth benefits. Direct Flooring in Chattanooga, Tn has some key product considerations when thinking of products to help warm your floors.

The all time go-to product would be carpeting. As you may have already guessed, the thicker and plusher the carpeting, the warmer the floor. Carpeting also allows for a cushioned padding to be laid under the floor which helps with additional warmth and insulation, as well as noise buffering. For these reasons... carpeting will always be a go-to for a warm and comfortable floor.

The past decade has seen a large trend toward hard-surfaces, including hardwood, engineered, hardwood, and luxury vinyl (waterproof). With so many homeowners opting for these hard surfaces, there is now an increased demand for rugs. Rugs offer tremendous warmth qualities when used over hard surfaces and can also be used with a thin rug pad for added comfort.

More recently, with technology playing a larger role in the production of flooring, many hard-surface products may be installed with a pad underlayment. Specifically Engineered hardwood floors and Luxury vinyl flooring can be cushioned, which provides comfort, noise buffering, and warmth to your floors. And of course... Rugs can be used to supplement these cushioned floors!

Direct Flooring Chattanooga would be happy to assist you with any additional ideas to help you find the best product for a warmer floor. Remember... Warmer Floor = Warmer Home!

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