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Reputation Matters - Direct Flooring

In serving our customers and showing our best flooring options... the question often comes up: "What type of warranty comes with this floor?". I have give two answers for this question:

  1. I explain the manufacturers Warranty as stated on their paperwork.

  2. I also explain that a Warranty is as good as the company that stands behind it!

This blog will focus on my second answer, and why you should always shop with a reputable company.

Direct Flooring ONLY offers products from manufacturers with top-quality standards and ethical business practices. Being that we are also large volume buyers from these companies... our manufacturers offer us (and our customers) priority service in correcting any concerns which may arise (but never do, since the quality is premium from the start!).

Direct Flooring's teams of Expert flooring installers also help by providing constant feedback of products to ensure that all components are premium quality. If an installer gives us negative feedback on a product...discontinue our offerings... as we will never sell our customer an inferior product. We also advise customers to read our Google Reviews, which show in all cases that we stand behind both our products and installations!

Simply stated... Direct Flooring AND our Manufacturers Both stand behind our Warranty!

Direct Flooring - Since 2004, Your Trusted Flooring Store!

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