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Transparent Pricing in the Flooring Industry

In today's market, we are continuing seeing a combination of inflation and supply chain disruptions. Although this is starting to feel like the "norm" in today's world, consumers should be even more careful when spending their hard-earned money. At Direct Flooring, we offer transparent pricing to ensure that our customers can clearly see the benefits of buying from us.

Unfortunately, the LARGE majority of flooring stores do not display clear pricing. These other stores do this for their benefit.... to protect their interests, rather their customer's interests. Simply said, if a group is both proud of their pricing and "solid" in their pricing structure, they would gladly display pricing on their boards. At Direct Flooring, not only do we display our pricing, but we also search the internet for the lowest prices, to provide our customers with 100% assurance that we are saving them their hard-earned money!

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