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Reputation is EVERYTHING - Direct Flooring

Direct Flooring is a Chattanooga based business that is making BIG waves in the Carpet & Flooring retail industry!

The owner, Jordan Parker, is third generation in the industry, whose work began at his grandfathers carpet store at the age of 10. Jordan says, "Aside for the $1 an hour earnings, my priceless experience was having my grandfather as my business teacher." Through his families retail store in East Ridge, Jordan was able to see how a good operation works... treating customers like family and building relationships.

Direct Flooring has won multiple awards in the carpet & flooring retail industry and is proud to be amongst the highest Google rated store in the entire Southeast United States. A core principle that Parker teaches to his staff is to: "Always put people over profits. The entire staff at Direct Flooring has great confidence in our entire process of products, sales & installations, enabling our staff to become 100% customer focused."

Direct Flooring is growing rapidly with plans of further expansion. Parker says: "We now have 3 retail locations in the Chattanooga and surrounding area, and we hope to have 2 more locations opened in 2024. Detailed research is conducted before we choose a market for future locations, but we feel that we can thrive in any area. We are not worried of competition, as we let our reputation speak for itself!"

At this point of Parker's career he adds, "My proudest achievement of my career will always be the honor of being surrounded by the very best team of employees. Our team extends beyond our store, and includes our installation professionals". Direct Flooring offers: Carpet, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl (LVP) and Area Rugs. Direct Flooring also offers Same-Day Estimates and Next-Day Installs.

Jordan Parker

Direct Flooring

4707 English Ave

Chattanooga, Tn 37407


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